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money bag accessory

This is an accessory that we dreamed up. It is made from modeling clay, which you can purchased from our order page or at your local crafts store.


This is an accessory that we borrowed from a
GI Joe style doll. Since it was the perfect size, we ordered a lot of them an now sell them on
our order page.

Be sure to enter our BushGnome 2.0 accessory contest.
$500 Grand Prize

We are looking for creative accessory ideas for Dubyah to hold instead of the American Flag that comes with your order. We are asking you to dream up creative and funny things. Then create them, take pictures and enter our contest. These accessories can be viewed as Anti-Bush, Pro-Bush or better yet, ambiguous.

Prizes -
First Place = $500.00
Second Place = A complete set of all of our gnomes (4 total)
Third Place = A gnome of your choice.

How to Enter -
step 1)
Build, purchase, find or repurpose a creative accessory for your BushGnome to hold or use.
step 2)
Photograph your gnome holding or interacting with this accessory.
step 3)
Mail or email your photo to the addess below, along with your name and contact information. Feel free to include any other information that might be helpful to our judges.
step 4)
Enter as many times as you would like to. It is free to enter.

US Mail Entries -
BushGnome.com : Accessory Contest
20 Elmwood Place
Athens Ohio 45701

Email entries -
Please use the subject line
Bushgnome.com : Accessory Contest

Deadline / Timeline -
We are currently accepting entries. The contest will be judged sometime between July 9th and July 15th 2006. We will accept entries up until the judging happens.

Contest Judges -
Currently we are looking for a small group of people who would be a good group to judge this contest. As we search, we are looking for a non-partison group. If you have any ideas for judges please send us a note. If we find the perfect group to judge this contest, we will post that information right here.

Winners & Entries -
The winners names, along with photos of the winning accessories, will be posted here once the awards are given. All winners will be contacted to claim their awards.

The Fine Print -
All entries, photographs and ideas become come property of BushGnome.com. We hope to put the best ideas into production, and make them available to all of our customers. All accessory enteries are subject to display on our web site, www.bushgnome.com.

Questons? -
Please contact us with any questions.

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