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bushgnome 4.0

___bushgnome 4.0

bushgnome 3.0

_________________bushgnome 3.0__

bush gnome 2.0

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Our Products !

We now offer several gnomes. Scroll down for details.
All gnomes measure approx.10 inches tall, are hand painted and made in the USA. Each 3.0 gnome comes with a tree stump and each 2.0 gnome comes with an American flag. Other accessories can be purchased or created. Each gnome is hand numbered and has limited production. Version 3.0 is limited to 5000 gnomes and version 2.0 is only 2,500 of each style. Get yours while the numbers are still low!

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bushgnome 3.0

BushGnome 4.0 – Cheney and Bush Gnome

Two gnomes in one. Cheney and Bush side by side. Say no more.

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bushgnome 3.0


BushGnome 3.0 – Lumberjack Gnome

Dubyah is dressed in a white business shirt as he works on cutting down a tree. Some see this as a reference to George Washington cutting down a cherry tree, while others see it as big business destroying our natural resources.

Each Bush Gnome 3.0 comes complete with a gnome and a tree stump.


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BushGnome 2.0a
Traditional Gnome



BushGnome 2.0a – Traditional Gnome

Here, Dubyah is seen in traditional garden gnome attire. Complete with Texas belt buckle and work boots, this gnome looks like he's been out clearing brush on the ranch. Keep the flag, or create your own accessory. Click here to view the contest entries .


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BushGnome 2.0b
Patriotic Gnome


BushGnome 2.0b– Patriotic Gnome

Dressed in stars and stripes, here Dubyah is as American as it gets.

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BushGnome 2.0c
Military Gnome


BushGnome 2.0c– Military Gnome

Dubyah is ready for combat! Order the gnome-sized gun to make him complete. With a camo outfit and combat boots, this little guy is ready to handle your personal "home-lawn security."

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bushgnome 1.0
BushGnome 1.0
The Original Gnome


BushGnome 1.0 – The Original BushGnome – SOLD OUT –

This is the gnome that started it all. BushGnome 1.0. Some say his crossed fingers behind his back are a sign of dishonesty, while others see it as a symbol of good luck.

This gnome has been retired after 5000 were made.
We are now sold out.

When this item is listed on eBay, it has been selling for approx. $60.00

For more product photos and details click here.

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Product details !

Each BushGnome is carefully hand painted and individually numbered so your investment becomes more collectable and valuable over the years. Our factory (Buckeye Stoneware) provides the highest quality finish work. If for any reason you're not happy with your BushGnome's quality, just contact us and we'll correct the situation or refund your money.

painting details

Painting detail
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each Bush Gnome 2.0 is
stamped & hand numbered

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Our creative team !
The BushGnome was created by a team. Sam Girton of Athens Ohio, dreamed it up. He then hired Sandy Plunket, a former Marvel comicbook artist, to sketch the gnome. The finished sketches were sent to a Philadelphia clay sculptor - Erin Payne Bowman. In a few short weeks she created the original model used to make molds for mass production.

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Our factory !
Located in Zanesville, Ohio, the heart of "Pottery Land USA" – Buckeye Stoneware carries on the area's rich pottery culture as a producer of high quality stoneware. Continuing the tradition of area pottery artisans such as Roseville, McCoy, and Hull potteries, Buckeye Stoneware is now making its mark in the pottery world with hand painted pottery featuring custom designs by some of the area's leading artists. Slight differences in patterns and shading tell the story of each artist's technique. These variations are what makes their hand-painted ware unique and beautiful works of functional art.

For more information visit


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