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| order by US Mail |

Orders are currently being taken by US Mail only.

Please print the order form from the links below and mail it to us
and we will fill your order.

>> Only $9.95 shipping on any size order to one address in the United States<<
international orders, please add an additional $10.00 USD to cover shipping costs.

Bush Gnome 3.0
Lumberjack Gnome
gnome & stump sold together
$34.95 each
Bush Gnome 2.0b
Patriotic Gnome
$29.95 each
Bush Gnome 1.0
The Original Bush Gnome
Sold out!
This item has been retired after we sold 5000.
Sometimes you can find this gnome on eBay.
Bush Gnome 2.0a
Traditional Gnome
$29.95 each
Bush Gnome 2.0c
Military Gnome
$29.95 each
m-16 M-16 Machine Gun
Bush Gnome 2.0 series
$2.95 each

To order by mail
Print out our order form, fill it out and mail it to the address on the bottom of the form, along with your payment.

View our order form

View our order form [pdf]


Please make check or money order payable to

Sam Girton
20 Elmwood Place
Athens, Ohio 45701

If there are any problems or questions please call 740-707-9677


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