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Please, Please, Please, Cast Your Vote !

It seems that half of our customers are Pro-Bush and half are Anti-Bush, so we wanted to keep track of this here at BushGnome.com. Most of our customers don't cast a vote. . .we encourage you to "goto the polls."

With BushGnome Version 1.0, some people saw his fingers crossed for good luck, while others saw it as a symbol of dishonesty. With BushGnome 2.0, we hope to appeal to both sides with the idea of our accessories. Be sure to check out our accessory contest.

We are working on setting up an online voting booth, however for now we ask you to
let us know your vote when you place your order. Simply send us a follow-up email (info@bushgnome.com) that says
"I am Pro-Bush, Anti-Bush or Undecided."

We will keep the results posted here.

Pro-Bush Orders =   10
Anti-Bush Orders =   24
Undecided Orders =   0
Orders with no vote recorded =   Most orders

The above votes have been counted since BushGnome 2.0 was released.
This page was last updated on 4/3/07

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